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Toyota Land Cruiser Se is an electrical tackle the basic SUV

A part of Toyota’s electrical automobile onslaught for the Japan Mobility Present is an electrical model of the Land Cruiser, since only one Land Cruiser reveal for the 12 months wasn’t sufficient. However this has a really completely different vibe than Toyota’s different Land Cruisers.

Whereas gas-powered Land Cruisers are very tall, chunky, and outfitted with large tires, the Land Cruiser Se idea is relatively low, lean and glossy, one thing emphasised by the forward-leaning rear hatch. And people wheels are huge with skinny tires. It seems to be much more suited to cruising streets downtown somewhat than land out of city.

That is to not say it is with none design inspiration from the long-running SUV line. It does have squared-off wheel wells and fenders, a virtually horizontal hood and a roof out there in distinction colours. Plus, Toyota says it has three rows of seats.

There’s not a lot to say in regards to the mechanical points of the Land Cruiser Se (and sure, the e is lowercase), regardless of its electrical powertrain being the largest departure to this point. Along with being all-electric, it additionally adopts a unibody development, as an alternative of body-on-frame (or some mixture of the 2) like as we speak’s Land Cruisers. Toyota did not say particularly, however we will at the least safely guess this could have at the least two motors for some stage of four-wheel drive.

This in fact is an idea, and Toyota hasn’t stated something about whether or not it could go into manufacturing. We’re unsure if that is one thing that will be fast-tracked, however it appears nearly assured that sometime, the Land Cruiser might be electrified. However we’re hoping that the styling stays nearer to as we speak’s SUVs.

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