Toyota GT 86 Crushed After Mercedes Runs Over It In Poland

Plainly the driving force of the Mercedes B200 with British license plates one way or the other failed to note the sports activities automobile straight in entrance of them


by Brad Anderson

4 hours in the past

 Toyota GT 86 Crushed After Mercedes Runs Over It In Poland

No person enjoys being caught in visitors, however the proprietor of a particularity Toyota GT 86 in Poland not too long ago had an encounter worse than most. Their sports activities coupe was not simply rear-ended; it was pushed over by a Mercedes-Benz B-Class in a very weird incident.

The collision occurred earlier this month when the GT 86 was stationary in the best aspect of a two-lane highway. Initially, every little thing appeared regular till a black Mercedes-Benz B200 started approaching the Toyota from behind with none indication of braking. The rear-facing dashcam of the GT 86 then captured the B200 slamming into the rear of the sports activities automobile, initially making contact with the rear quarter panel and subsequently driving over the roof of the Toyota.

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Instantly after the impression, the Mercedes might be seen resting on high of the GT 86 with one of many entrance wheels perched on the Toyota’s entrance quarter panel. Pictures taken after the impression reveal that the Mercedes was a right-hand drive car from the UK and present that the Toyota has suffered intensive injury.

In reality, the impression has shattered the passenger aspect window, ripped off the wing mirror, and induced important injury to the door and quarter panel. The presence of aftermarket wheels on the GT 86 signifies that it’s owned by a correct fanatic too, making the collision all of the extra unlucky.

The precise trigger for the crash isn’t recognized however it appears seemingly that the driving force of the B200 was both distracted or had incorrectly assumed that the Toyota would begin to transfer ahead with the movement of visitors. Whatever the motive, an area physique store and mechanic inspected the Toyota and prompt that it could possibly be declared a complete loss given the injury accomplished to the rear-quarter panel and the A-pillar.

 Toyota GT 86 Crushed After Mercedes Runs Over It In Poland
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