Tesla Cybertruck May Get A Little Cybertrunk In Its Mattress: Video

Tesla Cybertruck concept

Picture: Tesla

Until you’re an Elon Musk fanboy who’s satisfied there’s nothing flawed with him platforming bigots, spreading white genocide nonsense, making anti-semitic feedback and simply usually being a horrible individual, you most likely assume the Tesla Cybertruck goes to be an especially dumb truck. Nonetheless, it’s coming. One among nowadays. Finally. So no less than the Joe Rogan bros have one thing to sit up for. And when it does, it’ll apparently have a little bit trunk in its mattress.

InsideEVs discovered a video posted on Twitter that seems to indicate a Cybertruck prototype with a small, possible watertight storage space within the mattress space. Emphasis on small. It’s arduous to inform precisely how massive the in-bed storage space is, however based mostly on the video, it appears prefer it’s simply large enough to carry a automotive cowl. Which isn’t quite a bit. So in the event you had visions of filling that pet with ice and popping just a few chilly ones with the boys, you’ll most likely be dissatisfied.

In-bed storage isn’t precisely new. Rivian affords one within the R1T, and the Honda Ridgeline has had it for years. It may be fairly helpful in the event you don’t need to go away one thing sitting in your mattress and threat some random individual strolling by and deciding what’s yours is theirs now. It’s simply often greater than what we are able to see right here. Then once more, it’s additionally fully doable that the Cybertruck’s storage space is greater than it seems on this video. If that’s the case, then good job, Tesla, and we take again what we mentioned about it being too small. Your ex-wife, nonetheless, most likely isn’t going to take again what she mentioned about it being too small, however that’s a unique dialogue altogether.


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