Police Automobile Chase Ends With 76-Yr-Outdated Harmless Bystander Crushed To Loss of life

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Police chases not often, if ever, finish nicely. An uninvolved pedestrian in Vallejo, California, found simply how poorly chases can go earlier this week, when he was crushed between two parked autos as they had been pushed collectively by a driver trying to outrun native police. 

This previous Tuesday, a Vallejo cop flipped on his pink and blues in response to what the division’s PR division known as “reckless driving.” Quite than slowing down or stopping, the motive force apparently sped off by means of two intersections earlier than colliding with a parked automobile — crushing a 76-year-old bystander between it and adjoining car. The pedestrian was rushed to a close-by hospital, however died.

That is, by the Vallejo Police Division’s personal admission, not the primary crash dying within the metropolis that was straight brought on by a police chase. This previous August, police chased down a Toyota Avalon that hit two uninvolved vehicles earlier than stopping. The driving force of a type of different autos, in keeping with the police, died on the scene. The Vallejo Police Division claims seven fatalities from automobile crashes this 12 months, however its press archives don’t go far sufficient again to see what number of of these seven concerned police. Of the deaths for which the division makes information accessible, two thirds might be traced again to a police chase.

This apply has all the time been, and continues to be, absurd. Automobiles now include trendy expertise that permits police to trace them all the way down to an proprietor’s deal with — a current security growth known as “license plates.” Tickets might be delivered by mail, infractions adjudicated in a courtroom of legislation by a jury of 1’s friends moderately than bargained on the roadside the place one social gathering holds all the ability. Ending visitors stops, and police chases with them, will make us all safer.


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