We Gave My Niece A Computer for Her Birthday…

“We gave my niece a computer (netbook) for her birthday but I did not want her on HookUps but just she had lied to us before so I decided to put a program on it so I can see what she was doing.

You can see everything they are doing. It copies DM’s and all website they put in the url or google. PC tattletale is very easy to use and I like that you can hide the program even on the admin computer.

While my niece was at her mothers I put PC tattletale on her computer it was very easy the only thing I wanted to see was if she was on HookUps.

Well when she came home got on the computer, I checked my email and there was the alert telling me she was on a dating site. It captured her username and password and the DM’s and emails she was sending and receiving.

Thanks to PC tattletale she no longer has a computer. Let just say it was not good, I can’t believe teenage talk about sex and that all they were talking about.

I love PC Tattletale. Thank you PC Tattletale and its affordable.”

Debi Bradley, TN