My Child Knows That Our PC Is Monitored

“I took over custody of a badly neglected teen with little internet experience, I was concerned that she may use the internet for inappropriate contact and I felt it was necessary to monitor that to prevent issues.

I would absolutely recommend the software.  You never truely know what your child is doing online unless you have this software.  I found inappropriate “chat” conversations and found that my child was talking with boys from all over the country that she did not know.

This software opened the door to conversations that I have had with my teen about what is and is not ok to do and say on the internet.

My child knows that our PC is monitored, she did not like it at first but it has prevented her from having conversations that she would have otherwise had.

I told my teen that we were installing the PC Tattletale software for two reasons: 1-  to take away the thought that I was “spying” on her, and 2. to make her think twice before she types things to her friends and boys.  This software has achieve that.

I believe that when a child is sitting behind a computer in their home, they are more willing to divulge information and say inappropriate things that would not get said face to face with someone, I was afraid that my teenager was very open online and this software has made her think before she types because she knows that I will see it.

If you have a child (any age child) on the computer, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!

This software is the only way to really KNOW what they are doing.”

Jennifer Savage, Oregon