I Use And Would Recommend PC Tattletale for 2 Reasons

“I started using PC Tattletale after hearing from other parents about what their children (or the childrens’ friends) were doing and saying on-line.

Now, I use and would recommend PC Tattletaletale  for two reasons:

1) Just in case they are heading down the wrong path, you can be aware and re-direct them.

2)If they know they are being monitored, they think twice about visiting inappropriate sites and are more careful about what they say.

I found my daughter saying some really inappropriate things to boys for a girl of 13. When reading over the notes, found that the boys often directed the conversation and she just played along.

It (PC Tattletale) gave me a really good teaching moment to explain the difference between how girls may read something and boys see something else (reading between the lines).”

A Reffeitt, IN.