McLaren MP4-12C Thief Tries To Idiot Police With Oldest Excuse In The E book

Police rang the rightful proprietor of the McLaren MP4-12C and rapidly decided the suspect had no enterprise driving it


by Brad Anderson

November 3, 2023 at 21:08

 McLaren MP4-12C Thief Tries To Fool Police With Oldest Excuse In The Book

A not-so-slick thief was lately arrested in Vallejo, California after being noticed casually sitting in a stolen McLaren MP4-12C painted vivid yellow. In response to the person, he was gifted the automobile by a buddy however police didn’t purchase that story.

The curious incident got here to our consideration because of the Vallejo Police Division. In response to their report, on October 19, one in all their officers seen a person sitting within the McLaren close to the intersection of Amador Avenue and Nebraska Avenue. After working the plates of the British supercar, they promptly recognized it as stolen and apprehended the suspect.

The driving force informed police that he had been gifted the McLaren by an “unknown buddy” however after police bought involved with the rightful proprietor of the MP4-12C, they had been informed that the person in query had no authority to be in possession of the automobile. Police arrested the person and booked him into the county jail.

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Stealing a automobile is clearly a dumb thought but it surely actually doesn’t appear as if this individual put any thought into it in any respect. Had the car been stolen from close by, one would have anticipated the thief to go away the world, or maybe the state, as quickly as doable, particularly contemplating the eye {that a} vivid yellow McLaren attracts.

They may have additionally ditched the plates or maybe scratched off the VIN to make it a bit of more durable to trace. As an alternative, the thief believed he might weasel his manner out of it with a poor story he most likely considered the second police pulled him over. Bear in mind youngsters, crime by no means pays and this thief’s joyride has landed him in jail.

 McLaren MP4-12C Thief Tries To Fool Police With Oldest Excuse In The Book
Vallejo PD


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