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Junkyard Gem: 1987 Toyota Camry Wagon

Toyota first introduced the Camry to america as a 1983 mannequin, and that first-generation automobile was out there in sedan and liftback type (if you wish to be choosy about Camry generations, the true first-generation Camry was a Celica-based sedan out there solely in Japan). When the next-generation Camry appeared right here as a 1987 mannequin, the liftback was dropped and a wagon was added. At the moment’s Junkyard Gem is a type of first-year Camry wagons, present in a tremendous self-service boneyard in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Cheyenne Steel and Auto, situated close to some severe fireworks shops and a maker of tasty Wyoming beer, has loads of late-model stock plus a giant part filled with fascinating equipment from the Thirties by the Nineteen Seventies. In case you’re passing by on I-80 or I-25, I like to recommend a go to. Take a look at that ’56 Chevrolet Bel Air Beauville parked close to this Camry; it was solely 31 years outdated when the Camry was new.

What number of U-Pull-It junkyards have you learnt of with a classic tractor part?

Toyota offered Camry wagons in North America from the 1987 by 1996 mannequin years, although gross sales had plummeted by the center Nineties as minivans and SUVs shoved the station wagon into irrelevance.

V6 engines did not seem in U.S.-market Camrys till the 1988 mannequin yr, so this automobile has the two.0-liter 3S-FE straight-four engine, rated at 115 horsepower and 125 pound-feet.

The transmission is the bottom five-speed guide. Handbook transmissions had been out there in new U.S.-market Camrys throughout the 2011 mannequin yr, although such automobiles grew to become very uncommon after the early Nineties and practically nonexistent in our present century.

The MSRP for this automobile was $11,888, which quantities to one thing like $32,823 in 2023 bucks. If the unique purchaser had insisted on an automated transmission, the value would have been $690 extra ($1,905 after inflation).

There are not any energy home windows or locks, however the $795 air-con choice is right here (that is $2,195 now). In case you wished an AM/FM radio with cassette (of course you probably did), the value tag began at $550 ($1,519 at the moment). In an effort to thwart cassette-player thieves, you can get an aftermarket faceplate cowl that appeared like a low-end AM-only radio.

This automobile got here tantalizingly near the 300,000-mile mark. I’ve discovered fairly just a few discarded Camrys that drove nicely previous the 300k milestone throughout their lives.

It is battered and rusty, having achieved full hooptie standing throughout its last years.

Its final proprietor seems to have had some connection to the oil and gasoline trade, if we’re to evaluate by the corporate decals on the hood.

Good recommendation for a Camry wagon.

That is the daybreak of a brand new day for the station wagon. In case you wished a rear-wheel-drive Toyota wagon in 1987, the luxurious Cressida wagon was nonetheless being offered (for practically twice as a lot as its Camry little brother).


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