I Refuse To Consider Evan Honer Would not Know About Vehicles

Screenshot of Evan Horner's music video

Screenshot: Evan Honer

Lately, I realized about an artist by the title of Evan Honer who sings a music known as “I Don’t Know Shit About Vehicles,” which is tremendous catchy and in addition a complete lie. All it’s important to see to know that Evan is a complete fraud is the inclusion of an exquisite 280Z within the official music video. If he didn’t know shit about automobiles, why would he embrace such a improbable automotive? He might very simply have changed it with a Toyota Camry.

And but, Evan Honer didn’t use a Toyota Camry in his music video in regards to the reality, amongst different issues, that he is aware of nothing about automobiles. If the music had been named, “I’m Not The Greatest At Fixing Up Vehicles,” that may’ve been one factor, however no. Evan determined to name his music, “I Don’t Know Shit About Vehicles.” Look, I’m sorry, Evan, however you’re a liar. You may’t not know shit about automobiles whereas selecting a 280Z to your music about not understanding shit about automobiles.

Am I penning this publish simply because I need you to take heed to Evan’s music? Completely. Evan’s music is simply catchy as hell, and extra folks ought to take heed to it. And whereas I absolutely perceive some people gained’t essentially like each artist that I take heed to, Honer’s sound is mainstream sufficient that I really feel extra snug recommending him than, say, Casey Donahew Band.

That mentioned, it’s value stating that whereas the road, “Isbell had it proper/I get lonely at night time,” would possibly indicate that Jason Isbell has a music known as “Lonely At Night time,” that’s not the case. It references Isbell’s music “Final Of My Variety.” Nevertheless, his spouse Amanda Shires does have a music known as “Lonely At Night time.” Am I simply mentioning this as an excuse to additionally suggest Shires’ solo work? You guess your ass I’m. Not that Isbell doesn’t have loads of songs about being lonely. In the event you’ve by no means listened to Goddamn Lonely Love, have you ever ever even been unhappy earlier than?

Anyway, Even Honer wrote a music known as “I Don’t Know Shit About Vehicles,” and it’s good, so you need to take heed to it. Or simply look ahead to the 280Z.

Evan Honer – idk shit about automobiles (Official Music Video)


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