Here is A Miata In A Volkswagen Go well with For You To Purchase

What do you do with a patina-laden Volkswagen Rabbit diesel pickup and a mostly-complete Mazda Miata fall into your lap on the similar time? You each it! It’s a Miata chassis carrying a Rabbit pickup hat! And you might purchase it proper now!

The pickup’s wheelbase is three inches longer than the Miata’s, however the width is principally an identical. So dropping the physique on the Miata’s spine chassis wasn’t too tough. I imply, it was tough sufficient, however not not possible.

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Have a look at that. The engine seems to be prefer it belongs on this automobile. It’s a inventory 1994 Miata 1.8-liter, and the usual 5-speed Miata gearbox stays as nicely. The 130-ish horsepower from the Miata engine is a complete lot greater than the diesel Rabbit’s unique 50-ish, so it’s greater than sufficient to maneuver the truck round. And with a good quantity of the unique chassis minimize out, together with the rear wall separating the mattress from the inside, it may be a great bit lighter than it was in 1980 as nicely.

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Dubbed the Maple Bar, this wild machine is tough and prepared. Right here’s what the itemizing has to say:

Rwd Physique swapped Rabbit Pickup! 1994 Mazda Miata drive practice. 1.8, torsen lsd. All miata sheet steel underhood and in passenger compartment. Uncut miata harness, besides to hook as much as the rabbit lights and gas tank. All gauges work, in addition to gas. Put no matter swap you need into it. K24, ls, turbo, supercharger? Superior mission, and other people find it irresistible. Positively not a automobile for introverts. Motor and trans are drained however runs nice. Simply exhibiting the abuse of drifting and donuts. Prepared to partially commerce for a 400hp+ LS (iron or aluminum). Registered because the diesel rabbit, so no biannual smogs. Featured on Hoonigan, seek for VW Drift Missile!

Don’t fear, I went and located it for you. You don’t have to go looking. The Hoonigan boys kinda sorta broke the automobile, nevertheless it appears to have been put again collectively alright. Simply remember you might need to repair a couple of issues. Nonetheless most likely value it.

VW Rabbit + Mazda Miata Drivetrain = The Good Missile Truck! // Construct Breakdown

In case you’re a California driver, you gained’t should smog this factor, as a result of it’s sufficiently old for diesel exemption. Simply ensure you convey your sunscreen when driving this factor, as a result of there’s no roof by any means.

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They’re asking $7,000 for this wild experience. Contemplating the quantity of fabrication work that went into this, you most likely couldn’t construct one for lower than that. Seize an LS swap equipment for Miatas, and also you’ll have a 400-horsepower Rabbit pickup very quickly flat. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

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