Hear Jesko’s 1,600-HP V8 Roar As You Geek Out At Christian von Koenigsegg’s Engineering Tour

This 20-minute video with the corporate’s CEO reveals the method of constructing the Jesko’s superior powertrain


by Brad Anderson

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 Hear Jesko’s 1,600-HP V8 Roar As You Geek Out At Christian von Koenigsegg’s Engineering Tour

It’s onerous to not be impressed by the engineering work that goes on at Koenigsegg. Provided that the Swedish agency stays a small firm and isn’t half of a bigger automotive conglomerate, it may very well be forgiven for relying closely on outdoors suppliers for giant elements like powertrains all the way in which right down to smaller elements. That’s not the way in which Koenigsegg does enterprise.

Led by Christian von Koenigsegg, the model has made a reputation for itself not solely with its hypercars but additionally by pushing the boundaries of automotive powertrains as we all know them. Along with growing a camless turbocharged four-cylinder with over 600 hp, it has additionally made a gearbox not like every other; the Gentle Velocity Transmission with seven clutches and no conventional selector forks, collars, or synchronizers.

To provide us an concept of how this transmission is created, Koenigsegg has put collectively an in-depth video filmed from inside the power the place it’s made. This video doesn’t simply present us with a wonderful understanding of the Gentle Velocity Transmission but additionally the 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 of the Jesko. It takes a single employee one full week to assemble an engine. The particular model of this V8 utilized by the Gemera can also be assembled on the similar web site.

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Watch: This Is How The Koenigsegg Gemera’s Superior Hybrid Powertrain Works

The engine of the Jesko is said to that of the Agera, nevertheless it has been extensively modified and contains 4 valves per cylinder and a 180-degree flat-plane crankshaft. Fueled with E85, the engine churns out a monumental 1,600 hp, so it comes as no shock that all the inner elements have been designed to resist large quantities of energy whereas remaining dependable. Making the engine all of the extra spectacular is the truth that it weighs lower than 200 kg (440 lbs) and has been designed to satisfy all emissions necessities around the globe.

 Hear Jesko’s 1,600-HP V8 Roar As You Geek Out At Christian von Koenigsegg’s Engineering Tour


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