Grasping Toyota Sellers Make Prius Prime A Finances-Busting Guess for Consumers

Sellers are inserting markups from $5,000-$10,000 on the supposedly inexpensive hybrid and it is getting out of hand

 Greedy Toyota Dealers Make Prius Prime A Budget-Busting Bet for Buyers

Toyota sellers are at it once more. They’re inserting gigantic markups on the mainstream Prius and it’s placing the supposedly ‘inexpensive’ hybrid out of attain for many consumers.

Earlier than attending to the precise markups we’ve heard of, let’s discuss what makes a automobile “inexpensive” to start with. A latest examine confirmed that the Prius Prime was one among six new vehicles that’s formally “unaffordable” for the typical purchaser based mostly on month-to-month cost value and folks’s median earnings. It’s not that Toyota has jacked up the worth on the Prime although, it’s that sellers are including extra to the acquisition value to line their pockets.

One Reddit poster named u/GalacticKitty not too long ago shared the supply they acquired from a Toyota dealership in Los Angeles. In response to the supply, the automobile had an MSRP of $39,370, however if you consider all the extra prices from the vendor and a $5,000 “market adjustment,” the grand whole reaches $48,641. This represents a staggering 23% improve within the whole value.

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 Greedy Toyota Dealers Make Prius Prime A Budget-Busting Bet for Buyers
Reddit u/GalacticKitty

This isn’t the one case of Prius markups we’ve uncovered. is an internet site the place customers can combination markup knowledge to help different potential consumers in avoiding grasping sellers. For the Prius Prime, members have reported markups starting from $4,173 to as excessive as $10,000 in latest weeks. This represents almost a 3rd of the entire MSRP ($32,675) that Toyota advertises by itself web site for the bottom mannequin. Stack an additional 33% on prime of any buy value and it’s quite a bit much less appetizing for purchasers.

Within the case of the Reddit poster, they expressed the probability of getting to accept a lesser mannequin as a result of excessive value. Many commenters urged that they discover alternate options from completely different manufacturers or sorts of vehicles that might supply extra worth for the $48,641 that the Toyota vendor was asking. That doesn’t sound just like the type of factor that Toyota would need.

A part of the issue is that Toyota permits its sellers to be fully opaque about their pricing. Go onto most dealership web sites and also you’ll see “SRP” as a substitute of “MSRP”. Even sellers who do present the precise MSRP not often announce the actual sale value of the automobile. Potential prospects report having to name quite a few occasions or being required to go to the dealership earlier than they will get a straight reply on the value of the automobile.

That type of service alone is utter trash. Stack on prime of that telling a buyer that no, the worth that Toyota informed you the automobile ought to be isn’t wherever close to the precise value. It’s a foul look without end till consumers uniformly reject grasping vendor markups. 

 Greedy Toyota Dealers Make Prius Prime A Budget-Busting Bet for Buyers


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