Who Is Jacob Hiller?

jacob hiller
Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller is the creator of the Jump Manual system, a detailed review of which is available here – Jump Manual Review.

Given the large number of ineffective vertical jump products on the market, the natural response of any skeptic (like me) is to question whether the Jump Manual is another scam.

The first thing to do was to verify the credentials Jacob Hiller claims for himself. While there isn’t much, I was able to verify that he is indeed located in Utah, as claimed on the site, and that he has indeed helped train people (a person on one of the forums claimed his beach volleyball game had improved through this).

The next thing was to note whether people were actually seeing the results – after all, that’s the most important question! Not surprisingly, the actual number of refunds is negligibly low, and the Jump Manual is one of the top fitness products on the market right now.

However, the issue that I did notice was a large number of people putting out positive information about the product with the obvious intention to sell the product. This was disturbing since many of these supposed ‘reviews’ of the Jump Manual were just sales pitches to buy the product with little reasoning about why it was good. Nor was there any warning for those with less than average fitness standing.

Of course, none of this reflects on Jacob himself, whom after analyzing the product and the support, I consider very real, and very much an expert on the topic of explosive jumping. All in all, read the Jump Manual Review, and make up your mind about it!