Crappy Jack Stands Can Kill You, However Which Ones Are Protected?

Gif: Challenge Farm by way of YouTube

Everybody who has labored on their very own automobile has probably heard roughly a million instances that it’s best to by no means get beneath a automobile that’s solely supported by a hydraulic jack and that it’s solely secure as soon as that automobile is resting securely on jack stands. What in case your jack stands suck, although?

Given how comparatively easy jack stands are and the truth that they must do one job and one job solely, you’d suppose that they’re roughly all created equally. They’re not. Designs and high quality differ vastly, and typically cheaping out on these easy security gadgets is an actual dangerous thought. For instance, bear in mind again in 2020 when NHTSA needed to subject a recall for Harbor Freight’s 6-ton Pittsburgh jack stands?

Greatest & Deadliest Jack Stands (6 Ton)? Let’s discover out!

So, how low-cost are you able to moderately go and do issues get higher or safer as you spend extra money? These questions could be answered by one more superior video from the Challenge Farm YouTube channel that debuted on Monday.

Within the video, a number of totally different designs of jack stands are examined, from the normal pyramidal type with a ratcheting bar to a flat-top three-leg jack stand as I take advantage of on my 911. There’s even a really clearly silly folding design that, as you’ll see, shits the proverbial mattress method earlier than it ought to, regardless of costing practically $150.

What’s the tl:dw? Spending round $90 on a set of Husky jack stands from Dwelling Depot appears to be a superb transfer, however extra importantly, be sure you carry your automobile on a steady, degree floor and don’t get in a state of affairs the place there’s a major aspect load on the automobile that would trigger the jack stand tip.


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