Rationalizing Online Piracy

There are lots of reasons why people believe it’s acceptable to download copyrighted music for free. It is possible, for example, to believe that private property is abhorrent and that stealing is perfectly justifiable behavior. Of course, rifling through your friend’s wallet, taking money from the collection plate, or putting steaks under your sweatshirt can …

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Must Love Zope

Found some lovely piece of code deep into the FTP parts of Zope 2 last Saturday, one of them is truly ugly. It’s listing the contents of the current and parent folders for no apparent reason (or at least, it didn’t make sense either to me or Chris McDonough). The code in question is in …

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SIP information, screencast and screenshots

Lots of releases today. First SIP, our Zope 3 Sample Inventory application is being released. A proper press release follows next week. Then, Marshall, mostly a bugfix release to get some fixes that didn’t make it in the first and only release. If you don’t know what Marshall does, you probably don’t need it wink. There’s still more stuff to come. Watch this …

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Python and XUL: The Screenshot

Mark Hammond just shown me a screenshot of Python and XUL. That’s right, Python used as scripting language on our most beloved browser to create XUL interfaces. I am so excited about it that I couldn’t keep it to myself and thought it would be nice to share with you.