Updated Plone 2.5 Beta 2 Installer

Howdy all, I’ve updated the Plone 2.5 Beta 2 Installer for Windows with fixes to correct most of the errors reported by you, fellow readers. Give it another try, and please keep those comments comming. Your feedback is essential to help with improving the installer. Worth noting is that the installer now ships with lxml and libxml2 pre-installed, and also the egenix extensions. And to …

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New Product: SubPlone

Thanks to Xiru, I’m pleased to release SubPlone. For the full details, checkout the README. It’s a very nice low-level product that exposes some long-needed features into a nicely wrapped format. Enjoy.

PyConBrasil 2006

In case you’ve missed the announcement, you might also have missed the conference. 🙂 But during the past two days, the Brazilian Python Conference (PyConBrasil 2006) took place in Brasília, Brazil’s capital. It has been reported that all the conference rooms were busy and that the attendees were amazed by the talks of various subjects, ranging from turbogears, to techniques …

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PyPI-like functionality to PloneSoftwareCenter

I’ve added some PyPI-like functionality to PloneSoftwareCenter. I’ve sucessfully used the ‘register’ and ’sdist upload’ commands of standard distutils and setuptools respectively to register and upload a release to a local PSC setup. There’s some TODO items still pending, more when I get back from the beach. Update: I’ve started a thread on the plone-devel mailing list. Hopefully people will …

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