Big Bumper Automobile Is A Avenue-Authorized, Chevy-Powered Model Of Your Childhood Favourite

All of us bought as much as some bizarre stuff through the pandemic, however Pennsylvania’s Dan Hryhorcoff determined to make a 200% scale bumper automotive out of an previous Chevy Aveo and a bike

 Giant Bumper Car Is A Street-Legal, Chevy-Powered Version Of Your Childhood Favorite

All of us realized some bizarre habits and took on some odd tasks through the isolation of the pandemic. Few have been as massive, or as pleasant, as the enormous bumper automotive that Dan Hryhorcoff made in his storage.

Based mostly on the 1953-model bumper vehicles discovered at an amusement park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, referred to as Knoebels, Hryhorcoff’s model measures in at 13 toes lengthy, seven toes large, and 5.5 toes large, or twice as massive as the real article.

To start out the venture off, then, he needed to go to Knoebels. Happily, he was allowed to spend eight hours on the park, inspecting the bumper vehicles and, crucially, taking measurements, per Fashionable Science. Again at house, he recreated the physique utilizing styrofoam, which was then used to create molds in order that he may make the ultimate physique out of fiberglass.

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 Giant Bumper Car Is A Street-Legal, Chevy-Powered Version Of Your Childhood Favorite

Below the hood, because it have been, the bumper automotive makes use of the engine from a Chevrolet Aveo. Nevertheless, the front-wheel-drive automobile’s engine and equipment practice have been moved to again to make this a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive bumper automotive.

In the meantime, Hryhorcoff determined to make use of the entrance wheel from a bike. Not solely does that give the bumper automotive a remarkably small turning radius, it additionally makes it a tricycle so far as the state is anxious.

Totally road authorized, as you may see in the video under, the bumper automotive is something however Hryhorcoff’s first rodeo. Early into his retirement, he determined to make a bigger model of the “Murray Unhappy Face” pedal automotive from the ’50s. He realized so much about fiber glassing with that venture, which was essential through the bumper automotive venture.

Hryhorcoff describes himself as an engineer, not an artist, and he owned a machine store throughout his working years. Even earlier than that, when he was a child, he remembers being fascinated with something mechanical, tinkering with garden mowers and even constructing go-karts.

Nowadays, he says he’d favor to sort out one massive venture, than a dozen little ones. We are able to’t wait to see what he comes up with subsequent.


I was born on March 15, 1980, in Detroit, Michigan. I grew up in the heart of Motor City, surrounded by the culture of automobiles. I had a close-knit family, including my parents, two older siblings, and a younger brother. I attended Roosevelt High School in Detroit, where my love for cars began to flourish. From a young age, I showed an early interest in automobiles. I would spend hours tinkering with my bicycle and helping my father fix up our family car. It was clear that I had a natural affinity for all things mechanical. This passion for cars led me to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

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