Python and XUL: The Screenshot

Mark Hammond just shown me a screenshot of Python and XUL. That’s right, Python used as scripting language on our most beloved browser to create XUL interfaces. I am so excited about it that I couldn’t keep it to myself and thought it would be nice to share with you.

Compiling Python 2.4 Extensions With Microsoft VC Toolkit 2003

For people looking for a way to compile extensions for Python 2.4, there’s this page with some instructions on the bits needed. Contrary to what the page says though, you don’t need to hack your distutils install to get it to work. You just need to provide the registry keys that distutils is looking for. To do so, you …

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Times are changing (Or?)

A very interesting announcement from Microsoft today. I’ve been following some of their moves lately and have a gut feeling that Microsoft is preparing some kind of ‘take over’ plan. My opinion is that they are doing a silent revolution. Instead of going head to head with Linux and Apple they are making small steps towards releasing …

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i love windows!

Never thought I would say that, but I must confess. I’ve learned to enjoy Windows, thanks to Mark Hammond and the great stuff he does with Python on Windows.Here’s an email I’ve sent recently to the zope-dev mailing list, I thought it would be cool to share it: On Wed, Andreas Jung wrote: | >I’ll repeat or …

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Can Python take advantage of MapReduce?

Reading Joel’s article yesterday, and then the MapReduce paper I was left wondering if Python could take advantage of this. Python has a feet in functional programing, and indeed has several functional-style erm… functions like map, reduce, filter etc. I’m a big fan of those little misunderstood beasties. I, too, was lamenting the proposal to remove those function, and was not quite convinced …

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