Rationalizing Online Piracy

There are lots of reasons why people believe it’s acceptable to download copyrighted music for free. It is possible, for example, to believe that private property is abhorrent and that stealing is perfectly justifiable behavior. Of course, rifling through your friend’s wallet, taking money from the collection plate, or putting steaks under your sweatshirt can …

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Updated Plone 2.5 Beta 2 Installer

Howdy all, I’ve updated the Plone 2.5 Beta 2 Installer for Windows with fixes to correct most of the errors reported by you, fellow readers. Give it another try, and please keep those comments comming. Your feedback is essential to help with improving the installer. Worth noting is that the installer now ships with lxml and libxml2 pre-installed, and also the egenix extensions. And to …

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New Product: SubPlone

Thanks to Xiru, I’m pleased to release SubPlone. For the full details, checkout the README. It’s a very nice low-level product that exposes some long-needed features into a nicely wrapped format. Enjoy.