stop please! someone make them stop!

I’m upset. Yes, I’m upset. GEE DUDE. CAN YOU PLEASE STOP?

Seriously, Ben. Excuse me the words, but I think you are only looking for excuses to write new frameworks.

We don’t need a hammer factory factory factory. We need to fix the software.

I’ve fixed the reindexing issue. Why, oh why, are you inventing a framework for fixing it? Why can’t you just review my changes so I can merge them and we can all move forward, and THEN you can invent whatever new framework you want?

I know it’s not as fun as writing a new framework, but we’ve got to fix bugs. Not write new software. A code that doesn’t exist doesn’t have bugs. We’ve got to reduce the amount of code we have, not ADD MORE.

Sorry all. I just can’t look at this and stay quiet.

It took me no longer than 3 hours to fix the issue and write some tests to demonstrate it. How long it takes to create a new framework? How many times are we going to spend on just maintaining the framework? How long before people actually get used to it and use it correctly?