PyConBrasil 2006

In case you’ve missed the announcement, you might also have missed the conference. 🙂 But during the past two days, the Brazilian Python Conference (PyConBrasil 2006) took place in Brasília, Brazil’s capital.

It has been reported that all the conference rooms were busy and that the attendees were amazed by the talks of various subjects, ranging from turbogears, to techniques for speeding up Plone applications, to artistic/sociologic uses of Python.

The talks were streamed live, and will later be available for offline viewing, as well as the material from the speakers.

I somewhat regret not having attended this year’s conference, being in our capital and all that. I was there at the capital for a week last year, helping out a friend with optimizing a Plone site and it was a very enjoyable stay. I was also at the 1st PyConBrasil last year in Campinas and it’s always a pleasure to meet some old friends during those conferences.

On the other hand, I got several items off my tasklist during those two days. I could say it was the two most hard worked days of this year for me.

I took the free time to refactor our internal repository for Enfold Server, which had been growing for the past two-something years. I can say it was a lot of fun.

Managed to make something near 150 checkins in two days, and the great news is that after all this movement both the Plone builds and our soon-to-be-released Enfold Server 2.9 still work!

The great news is that I will be taking more responsibility on the release management of Enfold Server, so stay tuned for some cool stuff in the upcoming months. It’s a great step for me, and I’m very excited about the future of the product as a whole. Stay tuned!