i love windows!

Never thought I would say that, but I must confess. I’ve learned to enjoy Windows, thanks to Mark Hammond and the great stuff he does with Python on Windows.Here’s an email I’ve sent recently to the¬†zope-dev¬†mailing list, I thought it would be cool to share it:

On Wed, Andreas Jung wrote:
| >I'll repeat or emphasis that the windows release process needs to
| >be simple enough that *I* can do it.
| Well, that's a perfect goal :-) But my experience with doing
| simple programming tasks on Windows is that Windows will slap you
| possible - even when you're trying to solve simple problems. I
| dreaming that anything on Windows works as it should.

I'll add to that that I used to think this way, too, but Mark Hammond
slowly convinced me otherwise.

Today I have the opinion that no matter what other people say, Windows
is actually superior to *anything* I've seen in Linux or OS X, except
for the networking stack and process management. COM, for example, is
very cool stuff.

You should see some of the stuff Mark has done that allows one to call
pretty much any Python object via COM from any language that supports
COM as long as the Python object has a interface declaration using
'zope.interface'. I'm still waiting to see something like COM on the
Linux world.

Over with the bashing, back to the topic now.