Blogging with Django/Turbogears?

I remember seeing a extremely short tutorial on making a blog with Django (or was it Turbogears?) somewhere.

I’m really willing to spend some time with something other than Plone for a change, and would like to experiment with migrating my blog to one of those technologies and see how far I can get.

Some of the features that I am after are:

  • Simple tagging
  • Trackback support (optional)
  • Support for blogging APIs, like the Blogger API, Movable Type API, etc.
  • Some support for WebDAV (optional)

Optimally, I would like to find that I don’t need to implement any of those, that they are ready to be used as addons, in the core framework, or as wsgi middleware.

Does anyone out there know if this is asking too much or if this already exists? I have googled around and found something about the ‘django gallery’, whatever that is, supporting a minimal part of the Movable Type API.