A Nearer Look On the Mazda Iconic SP Idea In All Of Its FD RX-7-eqsue Glory

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Mazda simply revealed its shiny new Iconic SP idea sports activities automotive on the Japan Mobility Present, and my goodness is it a handsome little automotive with styling that pulls closely from the third-generation FD Mazda RX-7.

What makes this automotive attention-grabbing is greater than pores and skin deep, although. Below the hood is a twin-rotor hybrid powerplant that places out a Mazda-claimed 364 horsepower by means of an computerized transmission. It’s a fairly good number for a car that weighs 3,200 kilos. Proper now, we don’t know a lot else performance-wise. Hell, we don’t even know what the drive wheels will find yourself being, however that’s alright. We’re nonetheless some time away from this automotive hitting something resembling a manufacturing model.

When it comes to styling, you’re going to see lots FD RX-7 in right here. Simply have a look at the door handles, bubbly rear glass, round taillight and pop-up headlights. That’s all RX-7, child.

Sadly, I’m in New York and never Japan. Meaning I’ve to take a look at the Iconic SP from afar, and so do you. Due to that, I figured I’d whip up a bit of gallery of each image we at the moment have of the Iconic SP. Take pleasure in it, people. I do know I’m.


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