A 2024 Ford Mustang GT Was Destroyed Whereas Drag Racing A Cadillac CTS-V

The S650-generation Ford Mustang GT has been left with intensive harm throughout the entrance, sides and rear


by Brad Anderson

2 hours in the past

Deliveries of the new Ford Mustang didn’t begin way back and already, the motive force of a shiny blue GT has discovered that it may be fairly an unruly beast on the drag strip for those who don’t know the way to management it.

Your complete incident was captured on faucet and promptly shared to TikTok. It reveals the motive force of the Mustang lining up alongside a modified Cadillac CTS-V and the primary half of the run seems to go off and not using a hitch. Sadly, the video initially focuses on the CTS-V and when the Mustang reappears within the body, it may be seen sliding to the proper.

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The motive force of the Ford was unable to regulate this slide and the horse automobile slammed into the crash barrier on the aspect of the drag strip. It seems to have hit the barrier with such pressure that it really smashed via it after which got here to a relaxation on the aspect of the observe after hitting a fence. Vid credit to my boy Sav (I dont know your tiktok) #fyp #mustang #mustanggt #s650 #wrecked #crowdkiller ♬ unique sound – Atl Is350

It’s instantly obvious that this Mustang won’t ever return to the roads given how a lot harm it has sustained. Not solely has the entrance finish been destroyed by the impression with the barrier however the driver’s aspect rocker panel has been virtually utterly torn off. The rear window has additionally been smashed, the trunk lid crumpled, and far of the passenger-side rear quarter completely destroyed.

It’s by no means good to look at a beautiful automobile like a brand new Ford Mustang GT get wrecked in a crash like this. Nevertheless, we couldn’t assist however chuckle when the particular person filming the video stated “I like the inside on this automobile dude” whereas assessing the harm it sustained.

 A 2024 Ford Mustang GT Was Destroyed While Drag Racing A Cadillac CTS-V


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